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Jake Gorst's documentary film about Leisurama is a compelling look at American culture in the 1950s and 1960. While the filmmaker has chosen to focus on an amusing marketing concept in affordable housing, he goes out of his way to explain the broader cultural implications of the Cold War and US-style capitalism. Leisurama is a refreshing look at an important era without the usual clichés. - Alastair Gordon, writer, New York Times, House & Garden, Dwell Magazine

Leisurama represented an unprecedented integration of mid-century modern design and bold marketing strategy. It was ahead of its time in its understanding of the role design plays in translating brand values and consumer expectations into architecture. Summer, family, the beach, parties... Leisurama houses made it all seem possible. The film presents all this in a lighthearted and provocative way, extraordinarily consistent with the Leisurama 'brand' itself! - Todd A. Erlandson, AIA, Principal, (M)Arch. and consultant for the television program Monster House

Entertaining, informative... Leisurama is that too-rare creature: A documentary about architecture and design. - Tom Vanderbuilt, writer, Wired, Smithsonian Magazine, Rolling Stone

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