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Andrew Geller For 35 years Andrew Geller was the chief architectural designer and vice president of Raymond Loewy Associates in New York. During the 1950's he began to create unique summer houses for the waterfront communities of the Hamptons and Fire Island.

Film/Video Arts supports independent filmmakers by providing access to filmmaking training, production equipment and services and through fiscal sponsorship. Film/Video Arts is a fiscal parner for Leisurama.

The Long Island, New York Chapter of The American Institute of Architects (AIA) is the local component of the national AIA, a professional organization for Architects. The Long Island AIA is a fiscal sponsor of Leisurama.

The History Center in Tompkins County, New York, helps people use the tools of history to understand the past, gain perspective on the present, and play an informed role in shaping the future.

J. Barrows, Inc.'s homes and projects display unique challenges in design, site characteristics, and geographic location. From Adirondack Great Camp style to sleek contemporary, each project bears a signature stamp of uniqueness and quality construction. J. Barrows, Inc. is a fiscal sponsor of Leisurama.

Spaced Out - Historian and writer Alastair Gordon's new web site and book chronicling the radical sixties psychedelic architecture movement. Alastair Gordon is a featured historian in Leisurama.

Pearlroth House The Pearlroth House of Westhampton Beach, designed by Andrew Geller in 1959, is being moved, restored, and opened as an architecture museum.

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Raymond Loewy Raymond Loewy was the most prominent industrial designer of the 20th century. As he once said, his firms created everything from lipsticks to locomotives.

Sterling is a leading, independently-owned branding consultancy with offices in New York, San Francisco and London and an affiliate office in Singapore. Debbie Millman, featured in Leisurama, is Sterling's New York President.

John Babcock, Farmboy Movie Farmboy is an Emmy award winning film by Jonamac Productions. Please click here to learn more!

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