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Jake Gorst is the Emmy® award winning writer, Producer and Director of this documentary, as well as owner of Jonamac Productions.

He served as the producer/director of Farmboy, currently in PBS broadcast distribution. Other film contributions include the direction of Desert Utopia: Mid-Century Architecture in Palm Springs, the direction of an animated sequence for the film Keeping It Alive by Murray Bruce Productions and associate production on Andrew Geller: A Spatial Encounter (Gallery HD) and Beyond the Beach: The Life and Death of Norman Jaffe (The Jaffe Foundation). Gorst is currently working on The Rise and Fall of Books, a co-production with Cornell University.
Dana Eshghi has been working as a producer for HBO for the past 4 and 1/2 years. She began her film career in the early 90's working with Killer Films on independent features such as Kids, Go Fish, and Stonewall. She then moved on to film distribution at Tapestry International while juggling production work on industrials, music videos, tv, and movies. A partial list of the companies she's worked with include MTV, PBS, Lifetime, Goodmachine and The Shooting Gallery.

Many of the films Dana has worked on have been selected for such prestigious festivals as The Sundance Film Festival , Cannes, and The New York Film Festival as well as more local festivals which include Outfest, Mix, and The New Festival. She also played a key role as production coordinator for Russell Simmons' Vibe Music Seminar at the Waldorf Astoria. She spent several years on the selection committee for both the New Festival and The Mix Festival.

In addition to Leisurama, she is currently working on a feature length documentary about The Big Duck and it's contribution to the history of roadside architecture.

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